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You can get to Marsh Harbour International Airport by private plane, charter, or commercial flight from one of many connecting airports such as Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Melbourne and Nassau. A passport is required. These airlines provide service to Marsh Harbour:
US Airways West Palm Beach (800) 428-4322
American Airlines Miami (800) 433 7300
Continental Miami, FtLauderdale, Orlando (800) 231-0856
Bahamasair Nassau, West Palm Beach (800) 222-4262
Island Express Ft. Lauderdale (954) 359-0380
Twin Air Ft. Lauderdale (954) 359-8266
Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna Beach (904) 423-1773
Yellow Air TaxiFt. Lauderdale (888) 935-5694

Getting Taxi Service and Supplies
Taxis are readily available when flights arrive. They will transport you to the ferry or boat rental agency of your choice. Before you leave Marsh Harbour you may want to stock-up on supplies as you will find a better selection in Marsh Harbour than in Hope Town. Taxis will wait while you get your groceries and liquor supplies. The Bahamian and US Dollar are par in value and both are accepted. Use the ATM in Marsh Harbour for Bahamian cash because there are no ATM's on Elbow Cay. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted everywhere.

Getting To Elbow Cay
You must take a ferry or rented boat to the island. Albury's Ferry Service has been serving the Abacos since 1959 and has a good reputation for staying on schedule. They run several ferries daily to Hope Town.

If you prefer to rent a boat, you can choose from several boat rental companies in either Marsh Harbour or Hope Town. These are shown to the right.

The Ferry Captain will radio our caretaker that you're on the way and you will be met at the ferry dock and taken to Coral Reef House.

Getting Around
Once you arrive, golf carts are the best way to get around the island and can be rented from several vendors. Golf carts serve as the primary mode of transportation on Elbow Cay. They are used from everything from lugging supplies to your boat, to grocery shopping to sightseeing. You can choose either gas or electric. Rental agencies do not permit children or teenagers to drive their golf carts but bicycle rentals are available for them. Remember, "traffic" drives on the left side of the road.

We recommend JR's Cart Rentals 242-366-0361 (10% discount if you mention you are staying at "Coral Reef House"). Golf carts are also available at:

Hope Town Cart Rentals242-366-0064
Island Cart Rentals 242-366-0448
T & N Cart Rentals 242-366-0069
Bicycles are also available for rental at these locations:
Harbour's Edge 242-366-0087
Hope Town Harbour Lodge242-366-0095
Sea Spray Marina242-366-0065

For rental information, please call Liz at 410-490-4000 or email

Hope Town
(free delivery to Marsh Harbour)

Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour & Hope Town

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